What we accomplished while I was Constable!

While I was the Constable of the 1st District, I implemented the following to maintain outstanding service and professionalism of the office.

•Made our Mission and Priority to serve court documents and assist the citizens of Fayette County.

•We serve court documents for Domestic Violence victims at no charge.

•We serve court documents for the UK Law Clinic, who serve the disadvantaged citizens of our community, at no charge.

•I computerized the records of the office which includes a system that allows citizens and attorneys to track the progress of the cases they send us, but also allows them to receive email notification of service attempts and a copy of the “proof of service” when the defendant is served.

•My previous experience with all three of Fayette County’s Constable offices has allowed me to maintain a database that consists of Service Records from 2008 to the present.

•I have developed working relationships with Council members and LFUCG Divisions and meet regularly when my office can be of assistance to them or the public.

•I provided radio communications for the Office and my deputies. This is the first time since the 90’s that Constables in Fayette County have had radio communications for the safety of their officers.

•I have developed working relationships with not only the other local law enforcement agencies but also State and Federal agencies. I am an Intelligence Liaison Officer with both the State and Federal Departments of Homeland Security.

•My office has access to a multiple law enforcement databases including NCIC/LINK. These databases greatly enhance our ability to locate people as well as keep my staff safe while interacting with the public.

•My office serves more than 90% of our papers within a week, with the average service time being just over three days.

•Deputies are in uniform when they are serving papers and I have begun issuing marked cruisers to my deputies, not only for their safety, but also for the safety and peace of mind of the citizens that they come in contact with.

•I hired a Certified Instructor as Training Officer and have implemented ongoing training for my deputies, some of which includes the laws of arrest-search-seizure, diversity training, firearms and the use of deadly force, NARCAN, First Aid/CPR and Taser certification.

•My office has assisted citizens by arresting defendants when no one else seemed to be able to.

•My office has assisted victims of domestic violence by serving documents no one else seemed to be able to.

•My office has assisted citizens by providing escorts to ensure their safety.

•My office serves Child Support documents in a timely and efficient manner.

•As one of the founding members of the Fraternal Order of Professional Constables, I know all too well the professionalism and integrity that is needed in the Office of Constable.

•I firmly believe that the citizens of Lexington-Fayette Urban County expect and deserve to have elected officials, including Constables, that put the best interests of the citizens above their own interests and that is what I demand of my staff and have done during my tenure as Constable and previously as a Deputy Constable.