Small Claims

gavel_slamSmall Claims are limited to $2,500 and are filed in District Court.

Forms you will need to complete when filing your small claims with District Court can be found online at the Administrative Office of the Courts. Ky AOC

Our office is not supported by your tax dollars.  The only revenue we have is from the fee’s we earn providing service for attorney’s and individuals. When you file your small claims please ask to have Jeff Jacob to provide service.  Also remember to provide your email address and we will send you  notifications when we try to serve your Small Claims and when it has been served to your Defendant.

Envelopes are provided at District Court. Pull an envelope from 2nd District and simply write “Jeff Jacob” on it. Put your email address on the envelope for online tracking.

Fayette District Court:   (859) 246-2240

Fayette County Constable:   (859) 255-4371 or (859) 252-3023