Eviction (WRIT)

You went to court on the Eviction Notice and the Judge ruled in your favor. The grace period provided by the Judge has passed.  What now?

Now it is time for you to forcibly remove your tenant from the property with a Warrant from District Court.  All you need to do in order to begin this process is call the Constable’s Office to schedule a time for the eviction and then call District Court to request that the warrant (commonly called WRIT) be issued.  This step can be done via phone.

The landlord is responsible for providing all labor needed to remove the tenant’s belongings from the rental property.  The Constable will enter the property to ensure it is safe for the property owner and/or his representatives to enter. While the tenant’s possessions are being removed from the property, the Constable will ensure that peace and order is maintained. The Constable may not assist in the moving of any of the tenant’s possessions.

Once the eviction is started it must proceed by law.  As the landlord, you will want to ensure that you can provide access to the rental property by way of keys or a locksmith.  Forcible entry can be made by the Constable but this could result in damage to the rental property.

DO NOT attempt to do an eviction without a Warrant.  Doing so, could result in increased liability for you.

Fayette District Court:   (859) 246-2240

Fayette County Constable:    (859) 255-4371 or (859) 252-3023